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Pinxia Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

3D laser texture processing

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Products show

As people to the product is beautiful and the strengthening of brand awareness, now more and more plastic products to enrich our life, people began to don't want to see they look like "plastic" products. So the texture process decoration mould more catered to the appetite of people. Laser texture processing will give you independence, personality, standard of products.

Auto parts

Steering wheel covers
Honeycomb structure
The engine cover
Pyramid structure
The side of tire
Carbon fiber structure
Connecting rod, piston pin
Cellular structure
Glove box cover
Combination of honeycomb/leather structure

Electrical and electronic

Mobile phone shell
Cortical structure
The tablet shell
Honeycomb structure
The mouse
Fur structure
The camera shell
Corrugated structure
Electric screwdriver shell
Triangle/star structure

PET bottle blowing mold

PET bottle
Grain of block structure
The sole
Scale structure
Honeycomb structure
3D carving
Plastic chair
Wood grain structure