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3D laser texture processing

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DMG seminar for laser surface texture processing technology


Recently,the world famous enterprises Germany DMG (DMG) in Shanghai seminar for LASER surface texture processing technology, the company's professional technical experts to attend DMG surface texture and processing technology are introduced, and then demonstrates LASERTEC system operating and processing at the sence

Laser texture processing is a relatively new processing technology, attractive for tool and die manufacturing customers. This technology with a wide range of five-axis linkage machining technology, especially suitable for processing of complex 3D mold. Using this technique, it can be finished on a machine tool for 5 axis milling and 3 d free-form surface machining, implement creative design on surface of mould manufacturing.

It is reported, this technology has a lot of bright spots: 3 d texture of free creation, without any processing limits; Environmental friendly; The biggest repeatability; Through the HSK interface ill laser flexible integration on the machine; From BMP/TIFF bitmap to the finished product of injection mold; Presentation at the scene.

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