Pinxia Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Pinxia Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

3D laser texture processing

Pinxia Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.
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Company introduction

Pinxia of laser technology (Shanghai)co., LTD is located in jiading district, Shanghai HuiWang road No.599 (university of Shanghai science and technology park zone no. 3 workshop).

Pinxia has years of experience in texture technology, training a group of skilled engineers, at the same time as people to the product is beautiful and the strengthening of brand awareness, the company successful introduction Germany DMG Lasertec65 laser equipment in 2014, laser texture processing than traditional etching technology is obviously a big step forward. Texture design constraints, and transcend traditional free-form surface geometry surface structure of the definition of 5 axis laser texture processing, in particular, the possibility of a new almost infinite design.

As long as you want to, we can do it.

DMG Lasertec65

Pinxia laser texture display plate mold